helloana.com is my playground for projects and experiments.
browse around if you would like to know what i've been up to.

so far i've done these things:
  • community managing - including content writing, social media interaction, forum moderation and answering the questions of a passionate and highly demanding community of almost 250k members, bridging the gap between the users and the developer @ postcrossing, since july 2005
  • online marketing, as well as seo optimization, affiliate marketing and social media strategy @ lelo, april 2007 - march 2011
  • started a visual collection of chinese characters @ hanzillion
  • wrote my master thesis focusing on the adaptation of a nitrogen usage simulation case to a network optimization tool @ gasunie
  • co-organized shanghai's first co-working session
  • worked as a photography developer & sales person @ fnac service

sporadically i do some freelance webdesign. here's a showcase of my work:

i was born in portugal in 1982, graduated in computer science in 2007 and since left my little country by the sea to explore the world.

i love the cultural immersion that comes with living in a different country, and plan to live in as many as i possibly can, taste all the dishes, understand life beyond what is written on lonely planet guides, and report back. so far, i've covered portugal, the netherlands, china, slovenia and now germany.

besides traveling, i'm passionate about analog photography, online communities and (traditional) mail.

sometimes i am available for freelance webdesign gigs. drop me an email and i'll let you know. :)